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MMA present = balls. MMA future = teh awesome?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like I’m in a funk. Maybe it’s the fact that mixed martial arts has been so lame lately. Or maybe it’s all the ketamine I’ve been doing. Either way, something’s gotta give and I’m happy to report that December looks like a good month for us:

  • Nov 30th: BodogFight Russia vs USA 2
  • Dec 1st: Cage Rage 24
  • Dec 8th: K1 World Grand Prix Finals
  • Dec 8th: Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale
  • Dec 8th: Mayweather vs Hatton
  • Dec 12th: WEC31
  • Dec 15th: Icon Sports
  • Dec 15th: HDNet Reckless Abandon
  • Dec 29th: IFL Grand Prix Finals
  • Dec 29th: UFC Nemesis
  • Dec 31st: K1 Dynamite
  • Dec 31st: Yarennoka!

All of these events are going to be televised and I’m sure if you’re smart you’ll be able to download them all or check them out on the youtubes. It’s been a rough two months to be a fight fan, and if none of these events deliver I’m just going to ditch this stupid website and blog about something good like Radiohead or “ice hockey”. Haha, just kidding. Both those things suck. But at the moment MMA is about 1 degree of suck above those, so it better fucking shape up or I’m outta here!

  • Shoutfan says:

    Is the Ultimate Fighter Finale same time as the Mayweather fight? Say it aint so

  • Yep. Now someone at spike or UFC say “Oops”. Nice hubris not to switch the finale to friday night after finding out too, huh?

  • Lifer says:

    The UFC will never back down! USA! USA!

  • bmiller says:


  • ajadoniz says:

    but but their gimmick was soooooooooo good!

  • Xavier says:

    * Nov 30th: BodogFight Russia vs USA 2 – Suck
    * Dec 1st: Cage Rage 24 – Suck
    * Dec 8th: K1 World Grand Prix Finals – Super sucky kickboxing
    * Dec 8th: Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale – Decent due to Huerta/Guida
    * Dec 8th: Mayweather vs Hatton – Boxing suck
    * Dec 12th: WEC31 – In HD on versus, so not total suck
    * Dec 15th: Icon Sports – Frank Trigg suck
    * Dec 15th: HDNet Reckless Abandon – Mark Cuban low rent MMA suck.
    * Dec 29th: IFL Grand Prix Finals – IFL super suck
    * Dec 29th: UFC Nemesis – Good card
    * Dec 31st: K1 Dynamite – Sucky kickboxing
    * Dec 31st: Yarennoka! – Steroid overhyped suck

    Oh boy, awesome lineup of sucky MMA and other types of fighting. Where the fuck is EliteXC in December? I have Showtime now. Assholes.

  • LR says:

    The BodogFight card features a bunch of crappy fighters and guys who hit the mid-tier and turtle. Cage Rage, which I don’t understand why you like it except for the odd “Cage Rage” soundbites, features a bunch of guys who have the sloppiest standup ever, but it is entertaining I suppose to see British guys slug it out. Ninja Rua vs. Xavier isn’t a bad main event either.

    K-1 GP is actually pretty damn good. WEC 31 will be epic. Icon Sport is a shit card, Reckless Abandon, shit card, IFL GP, shit card, end of the year events, the K-1 Dynamite Card is most likely going to be a HERO’s type event, so it’s not kickboxing, but MMA. Features Kid Yamamoto vs. Rani Yahya. Yarennoka has some unbelievably good confirmed fighters and Aoki vs. Calvancanti, great fight.

    Casual fans won’t be interested in anything but UFC 79. But that’s some damn good MMA at the end of December.

  • maafaka says:

    dont you try to fool us, cant be “outta here!” anytime soon, youre having that catfight with boiled egg inna couple of month…

  • yeah sad but true … i’m stuck with this sport no matter how bad it gets :-(

  • scorchamatic says:

    you fairweather bastard….

  • fuck man … weatherwise this is noah’s ark shit

  • Matt says:

    You forgot the Dec 22nd Gladiator’s Challenge “High Noob” event.

  • What about RioHeroes on Dec 11th …..?

  • Ryder says:

    ice hockey sucks???

    you are officially a canadian outcast! For shame!