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MMA Payout says women are inferior

There’s two things that probably bug me more than they should: when Dr Benjamin from MMA Junkie gives us his personal views instead of medical information and when MMA Payout – a business site that lately spends more time giving asinine opinion –  starts spewing out garbage like this:

Does this fight change anything? I’m not yet convinced it does. The peak for a women’s title fight was still only 254,000. If we look to women’s boxing as some sort of parallel (with a much longer track record), it never became the type of commercial entity that men’s boxing did.

If anything, the slam is further support for the idea that women lack much of the speed, strength, and damage threshold that make MMA so dynamic and exciting. The Kaufman slam pales in comparison to Rampage-Arona (or even Harris-Branch), which perfectly summarizes the difference between the two sports and why women’s MMA has such a tough row to hoe.

The speed difference between men and women in MMA is negligible, there’s a power difference between all weight classes but that doesn’t mean featherweights are any less exciting than light heavyweights, and a knee to the face of a female fighter is just as exciting as one to a male’s. I don’t even know where to start with the female boxing comparison – boxing is a sexist sport that can’t even sell 99% of it’s male fighters, so is it really a great example?

If you wanna know why women has such a ‘tough row to hoe’, it’s because of douchebags who take every female fight, knockout, submission, or slam and try to use them as justifiers against the continued existence of WMMA.