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MMA Movember Mustaches!

(and the winner for most molester Movember mustache goes to Lyoto Machida!)

Today is November 15th which means we’re exactly halfway through Movember, that time where tons of people walk around with child molester mustaches in the name of prostate cancer fundraising. The UFC has gotten behind the trend this year, and in honor of this worthy cause I’ve slapped together a little gallery of participating fighters and their terrible facial hair. If you wanna donate money to help make dudes aware they should let a doctor penetrate them rectally on the regular, the UFC’s Movember page is here. The UFC has pledged to match all donations made up to $25,000!

Rashad Evans

Patrick Cote

George Sotiropoulos

TJ Grant

Kyle Noke

Ramsay Nijem

Nick Ring

Nick Ring is actually the ringleader (I’m so sorry) for the UFC Movember group and as you can see he’s just passed the peach fuzz zone after 15 days. He better watch out or I sense a coup in his future with TJ Grant replacing him as StacheLord. As for why Georges St Pierre isn’t leading the charge, he said “I’m not a hairy guy, so it’s very hard for me to have a mustache. I would never be able to be like Dan Severn, unfortunately.”

Yeah, but you’d look great with the McCall…

…or the Hitler.