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MMA Math at it’s worst

If there’s one thing that drives me nuts on forums, it’s retards trying to use MMA Math to win an argumentative fantasy fight. MMA Math in it’s basic form works like this. X fighter has beaten Y fighter, Y fighter has beaten Z fighter, therefore X fighter should be able to beat Z fighter. The latest variation of this is people rebuffing Chuck Liddell’s assertation that he could beat Fedor because Chuck couldn’t even beat Keith Jardine.

Now let’s get one thing straight: while Keith Jardine won the fight, he didn’t ‘beat’ Chuck. He never had Liddell in any danger and merely executed a gameplan in order to win on the judge’s scorecards. While I won’t deny Jardine the W on paper (or the fact that his gameplan was smart), I’m not about to say the fight means anything when compared to a fight where Chuck’s opponent isn’t a cowardly bitch who won’t engage.

There’s a huge problem in MMA where one loss makes a lot of people jump off your bandwagon, and two in a row has people calling for your retirement. Even Chuck Liddell’s win over Wanderlei Silva hasn’t been enough to get people back onto his side. And while I’m one of the people who is still a bit skittish trusting Chuck after the whole Jardine dissapointment, I’m not about to ignore years and years of dominating performances over top talent.

Y’all who are laughing at Chuck’s challenge because of the Jardine thing need to grow up, yo. Your MMA math sucks.

  • Accomando says:

    “…He never had Liddell in any danger…”

    He dropped Chuck early in the second rd.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    Why the fuck are you downplaying the win by Jardine? He won the fight which ever way you look at it. Is executing a gameplan cowardly nowadays? You know better than that Ryan. You’re the one who criticized Wanderlei for not having one in the Liddell fight. Anyways, I’m taking this shit too seriously. Fuck Jardine.

  • MacDaddy says:

    Good God, can you imagine Dana signs Fedor and then books him to fight Chuck? He might as well get a photorealistic tattoo of Randy Couture tossing his salad put on the top of his bald head!

    I think Fedor vs Chuck would be a great fight. Fedor is NOT a natural UFC heavyweight and neither is Chuck, so it would almost be like a 220lb catch weight fight. I think the speed and punching power on both sides, combined with the contrast of ground skills vs takedown defense would add up to a pretty amazing fight.

  • kentyman says:

    The set of mixed-martial artists is not well-ordered, and in particular, “X beats Y” is not transitive.

  • Xavier says:

    MMAmath at it’s worst? No, the following is:

    Indiana prosecutor J. Gregory Garrison > Mike Tyson > Larry Holmes > Butterbean > Bart Gunn > Steve “Dr. Death” Williams > Andre the Giant > Hulk Hogan > Randy Savage > Dennis Rodman > Diamond Dallas Page > Jeff Jarrett > David Arquette > Tank Abbott > Scott Steiner > Triple H > Ken Shamrock > Bas Rutten > TK > Fedor

    David Arquette could easily beat Fedor.

  • Captain says:

    Just out of curiousity, how is that MMA math? Did Fedor beat somebody who beat Jardine?

  • Lots of variations on MMA Math. The most basic is X beats Y who beat Z means X beats Z. This is another variation: X can’t beat Y because Z beat X.

  • Big D says:

    he never had chuck in danger he sat chucks asss down in da second round and besides chuck looked like shit and lost that one hitta quitta that rampage gave him chuck is a good fighter but he’s not great and never did i think he was

  • Big D says:

    even wani sat chuck down but most ppl thought it was a slip fuck chuck. he executed his gameplan by takin down wandi so if jardine is a coward then chuck is a coward. i guess chucks mighty fists arent so mighty anymore

  • Mobb Deep says:

    I agree that MMA math is stupid, but Fedor would put Chuck in an armbar the likes of which the world has never seen.

  • godzillad says:

    I threw this one together a few months ago on Sherdog:

    Houston Alexander beat Jardine who beat Chuck who beat Randy who beat Tito who beat Cote who beat Grove who beat Ed Herman who beat Glover Teixeira who beat Sokoudjou who beat Rogerio Nog who beat Nakamura who beat Randleman who beat Babalu who beat Shogun who beat Rampage who beat Arona who beat Wand who beat Henderson who beat Nakamura who beat Bustamante who beat Lindland who beat Baroni who beat Chonan who beat Anderson Silva who beat Franklin who beat MacDonald who beat Doerksen who beat Leben who beat Swick who beat Loisaeu who beat Vernon white who beat David Terrel who beat Joey Villasenor who beat Jorge Santiago who beat Jeremy Horn who beat Dean Lister who beat Yuki Sasaki who beat Alex Stiebling who went to a draw with Frank Shamrock who beat Bas Rutten who beat Funaki who beat Ken Shamrock who beat Maurice Smith who beat Mark Coleman who beat Fujita who beat Gilbert Yvel who beat TK who beat Fedor.

    If you have a sharp eye, the answer is ”Yes”.

  • operator says:

    Either way I would buy that ppv in a heartbeat. Fedor has never been ko’d so his chin is still intact but he has been cut. Chuck has been ko’d but I have never seen him bleed and Wand couldn’t ko him in their last fight. No fuckin way I would bet against Fedor though. I don’t think Chuck would be taking him down like he did Wand cuz Fedor would make him scream like Matt Hughes.