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MMA makes amateur wrestling cool

I’ve made fun of Maggie Hendricks in the past, but she knows what is what when it comes to amateur wrestling. One of the ‘conversations’ going on today across the MMA blogosphere is chatter from wrestling coaches that MMA is going to kill America’s wrestling program and cost the United States a shitload of gold medals in the Olympics. But Maggie points out the real problem with wrestling, and it ain’t MMA:

Brands has a right to be worried about the future of the sport. Since 1972, 466 college programs have been cut.   The sport is under siege due to shrinking budgets at colleges and high schools, the enforcement of Title IX, and the lure of more popular sports like football and basketball. Seemingly every year, I buy a “Save College X” wrestling t-shirt, yet, it is never saved.

But Brands is shortsighted to think MMA will do anything but help wrestling. When children find out that many of their favorite fighters started their careers in a wrestling room, they will follow in their hero’s footsteps. Not to mention that wrestling and mixed martial arts are not mutually exclusive.   Askren, Lawal and Cejudo can participate in fights yet still participate in the Olympics.

I swear to god, past pedophilia the number one reason anyone above the age of 20 is gonna get into wrestling is because of MMA. So the idea that MMA is gonna hurt wrestling is absurd. You can also thank MMA for giving wrestling legitimacy in the world of martial arts that it never had before. It makes wrestling cool in a way those homo singlets never will.

So how about you wrestling coaches stop picking on MMA and turn your attention to the cocksucker school administrators who keep cutting funding and killing wrestling programs left and right. I’ve lost count of how many stories there are of fighters who’s lives were all fucked up before wrestling gave them direction and purpose. Just look at what Bob Shamrock did, that was the entire MO of his organization. So how about America spends .0001% less on putting people in prison and save some wrestling programs?