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MMA: It works, for real.

Martial arts kinda hit a low point sometime in the 80s / 90s when it was known more for it’s action movies and 8-year old black belts than it was for brutal asskicking. It wasn’t exactly rare growing up to see some poor fat kid who’d been taking Tae Kwon Do for three years get the shit kicked out of him during recess by random football jocks. It seemed like everyone had a black belt and they weren’t much use other than holding up your pants and impressing girls who like faux-danger in their relationships.

One of the many great things about mixed martial arts (it slices, it dices!) is that it’s brought back the martial arts badass. While “Watch out, he knows kung fu” usually makes people crack up nowadays, if you’re an Average Joe who goes up against someone who knows even a little bit grappling, you’re probably going to lose. In the above video, Rich Franklin says if he can’t take out a random dude in under 60 seconds, he’s done something completely wrong. He must be doing something right, because he’s got his guy tapping in under 10 seconds.