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MMA in the Olympics is still a dumb idea

I’ve already written about how I think MMA in the olympics is a dumb idea, but looking back on that article I spend more time dissing Kevin Iole than I do on my actual argument. It’s too bad mocking Iole wasn’t an Olympic sport, because I’d be the Michael mutha fuckin Phelps of that shit.

Anyways, Josh Gross has written another article on the idea of MMA in the Olympics so I thought I’d actually address that and why it’s stupid. Here’s what Gross said:

Though rarely asked these days, the question “What is mixed martial arts?” was a common inquiry not too long ago. The best response came from Randy Couture: “Take elements of wrestling, boxing, judo and taekwondo, and you’ve got MMA.”

To the uninitiated, MMA went from something hooligans do on a drunken Saturday night, to an innocuous blend of Olympic combat sports.

Think about it. If these sports were acceptable on their own, what could be so terrible about combining them? As many people have figured out by now, the answer is nothing.

Actually, the answer is that judo ends at the throw, wrestling is all about the pin, and taekwondo is all about points. I’m sure you could combine all these and turn it into some cool throw/pin/point sport that would be perfectly acceptable to the Olympics. But it’s the application of these skills to beat your opponent into submission that’s the real issue with MMA. Simply put, the Olympics vaginasizes all sports, and if you do that with MMA to the point you’d need to for the Olympics, you wouldn’t really be watching MMA anyways.

Furthermore, how exactly would you set up a tournament system without fighters getting injured left and right? Half the time after events the winners get just as long of a medical suspension as the losers, and those suspensions last months. You’d have half the field going out on cuts and other injuries, leaving alternates and losers left to advance. Do you really think there can be a bronze medal fight between two guys who just got knocked out a day or two ago? Do we really want a cockup like UFC 3, with a Steve Jennum winning the gold?

Half the sports in the Olympics have been wussed down hardcore to fit the image and spirit of the games, so why not just accept that Olympic MMA wouldn’t be real MMA? Stop pushing for ‘mixed martial arts’ and try for something more practical like submission grappling. Or here’s a novel idea: how about actually WATCHING the martial arts that are already being shown?