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MMA in New York

There’s about as good a chance of MMA getting legalized in New York this summer as there is for me getting a dirty sanchez from Gina Carano. That sucks not just for the UFC (who I think will manage to survive in the meantime somehow), but for all the local fighters, gyms, and potential promoters who want to help bring the Empire State up to speed with the rest of the country.

But just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Jim Genia was at what was billed as an underground MMA event in Brooklyn. It actually looks more like a smoker, but still … the whole thing sounded like quite a unique trip and more like UFC 10 than UFC 100:

After a lengthy intermission where plates of chicken, rice and plaintains are dished out, the fights resume. Someone nicknamed “The Asian Submission Machine” and claims grappling as his style enters the ring to face a Shotokan Karate rep called “Superman”. Hmmm, give me second. A good Kryptonite joke will come to me… Something pertaining to grappling and karate… Nah, I got nothing. Anyway, Superman TKOs the grappler in the first with far superior striking on the feet. Time now for big boys, as a 250-pound Muay Thai rep named Dale squares off against 240-pound wrestler called “The Savage”. How savage is he? The dude is wearing a lioncloth. That’s savage. But apparel notwithstanding, Dale comes out and needs about six seconds to land a picture-perfect high-kick to the head. The Savage is out cold, facedown on the canvas.

Tons of pictures and fight by fight postings in Jim’s standard smart-ass style await you here.