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MMA gold diggers

Yahoo is beefing up it’s MMA Experts blog section by adding my favorite muck raker, Steve Cofield. And he’s already off to a good start with stories like this:

Word out of Chicago this weekend says Arlovski got the ultimate kick in the groin when arch-rival Tim Sylvia was seen hanging with the Russian’s old flame Patrycja Mikula. Sylvia was attending the Adrenaline MMA show at the Sears Centre in Arlovski’s backyard.

Is Mikula actually smitten with the 6-foot-8 ‘Maine-iac’ Sylvia? Or is she using poor Tim as a pawn to get back at her old boyfriend? And is it cheesy for Sylvia to be scooping up Arlovski’s leftovers?

If you’re thinking this is all nonsense. Sylvia’s tryst with Mikula was confirmed by solid Miletich Camp sources, who said the Playboy model is simply a ‘wallet and belt chaser.’

I was kinda wondering if Arlovski’s Playboy model would stick around while the UFC benched him and sent him out of the organization in a dark match. It’ll be interesting to see if Tim Sylvia goes metrosexual like Andrei did while he was dating her. Does this make me want to watch Sylvia / Arlovski 4? Truth be told, I’m not really interested in seeing Sylvia / Anyone. If the Affliction show wasn’t the first time Fedor had faced anyone who wasn’t a total can, I wouldn’t even care about that matchup.