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MMA Girl is high

Okay, so I obviously can’t make fun of the MMA Girl’s dumb predictions because apparently hers are kinda sorta better than mine. HOWEVER, I can still make fun of the fact that she’s totally obviously high in this video.

  • dignan says:

    You’re just jealous now. haha.

    Shouldn’t you make some predictions to redeem yourself?

  • Swedish guy says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen her be that annoying before… annoys the hell out of me.

  • Boondock says:

    A girl that loves MMA and Pot? I think i’m in love. She must be Canadian.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    I always wondered why she has those pauses between each prediction, but now it becomes clear: bong-hits.

    Also, I think this is a testament to just how far strking in MMA has to go and how little MMA fans seem to understand the striking game (which is kinda crazy considering how well they’ve picked up BJJ). Silva doesn’t just have the clinch going for him: the man’s striking is at a much higher level than Henderson. Henderson has a good right hand, but that doesn’t make you a great striker, Chuck notwithstanding. I’ve never seen Dan show the kind of defensive skills he’s going to need if he wants to stand and trade with Silva. And people who focus on Silva’s clinch game should go re-watch Silva-Franklin II: he’s not just dominating Rich, he’s toying with him. It honestly seemed a little cruel to put Rich back in there when he was so obviously outclassed.

    So Silva’s got this one. Sorry MMA girl.

  • dignan says:

    I’m considering putting a decent sized wager on a fight here…and I am going to have a hard time not picking Silva.

    I may also consider the Cummo fight, since I like his style and usually comes out on top.

    I think the lock in this fight is Kongo over Herring.

    Looking down the road, there is a big possibility of a win for Starnes over Nate Quarry, which according to the betting lines would be a huge upset.

  • Atom says:

    My beef with her is that at one point, she keeps calling Dan Henderson by his last name, and Anderson Silva by his first.
    Add an accent, and its not easy to tell Henderson from Anderson.

    Maybe… what she actually needs is… MORE POT!!

  • Atom says:

    also suprised you gave her no love for picking the drunk over the bore.

  • Toxie says:

    Like an astronaut!

  • Dangerfield says:

    Hot girls that like to smoke weed are awesome

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Dan Henderson has to take Anderson Silva down. Henderson may slug it out thinking that just because he KOed Wanderlei Silva, he could KO Anderson Silva. But fuck that shit. Henderson has to work with what brought him to the dance. Wrestling. Anderson Silva is a former professional boxer. You don’t want to trade punches with him. It would be a mistake to think that he’s all clinch and knees.

  • godzillad says:

    #4, that’s cute how you’re so certain Silva takes it.

    Once Anderson gets off the floor at the 25:00 mark, he’s gonna be crying harder than when he WON the title. Because, you know, he will have lost it. To Henderson.

  • kentyman says:

    danaunclefesterwhite, you are now over your “to the dance” quota.

  • I have no doubt that Silva and Tanner will win :-) Cummo as well. Kongo vs Herring i couldn’t care less about, they’re both unperforming bastards. Maybe i’m just still bitter about CroCop re: Kongo tho

  • Jemaleddin says:

    The reason I’m certain that Silva takes it, and yes, I’ll be willing to eat crow if he doesn’t, is that it seems like Dan Henderson has become convinced that he’s a striker. He mercifully was willing to go for take-downs against Rampage, but we see how super-effective that was.

    He won’t have the size disadvantage that prevented him from man-handling Rampage with Silva, but that’s only if he’s not too stubborn to get him on the ground.

    And when he gets him to the ground, Silva really is pretty good off his back. I don’t care if it was ruled an illegal blow, this is a guy who has knocked somebody out off his back. He isn’t known for his submission skills because his striking is so good that he can stick with that, but he has a nasty guard. You don’t think Big Nog gives out black belts as presents, do you? And I keep making this point (and nobody seems to get it, but here goes try #47), but wrestling is not a *combat* sport. Wrestlers are fighting for position, not to injure or submit. So while a lot of great fighters started out in wrestling (no high school BJJ teams), they became great because they transitioned to something else (BJJ, GnP, striking, what have you).

    Furthermore, Silva has the same number of submission victories as Dan: 1 (not counting Silva’s two submissions via strikes). And Silva finishes fights: 3/4 of his wins are stoppages, versus half for Henderson. Silva’s got a better win/loss ratio, but then you have to compare opponents and let’s not go there.

    So look, there’s a reason that everybody and his cousin are calling Silva the best pound for pound in the world: he’s a league above other strikers, and certainly better than Henderson on the feet. Sure Dan can get a lucky punch in there, but 95 times out of 100, a fight on the feet favors Silva. And on the ground Dan might be able to eek out a win a la Sean Sherk vs. Hermes Franca with constant take-downs, but is he going to submit him or GnP him? Doubtful. Silva has more tools and a better track record of using them. I says Silva wins by KO/TKO in the second.

  • Dangerfield says:

    Look for mazzi standing them up time and time again

  • selfdestructo says:

    What happens to Henderson if he loses? Will have lost both of his belts. Maybe a fight vs Franklin? Move back up and fight Shogun/Jardine/Machida/Loser of Forrest/Rampage?

    Probably will give him a step down fight vs a Hamill/Bonnar or Leben/Belcher, somebody he can manhandle so they build him back up.

    And what of Silva if he wins? Who does he have left? Okami if he wins? Past that, i really think he’ll decide to move up in weight and vacate the middleweight belt. The REAL fights are at LHW. Imagine Spider vs. liddel/shogun/wanderlei/Rampage/Forrest. WOW! If he ran through those guys, he’d be the unanimous Best Ever. THOSE are fights that will PPVs.

  • I think he’s still got some good fights at middleweight. Okami. Tanner. Almeida might be the real deal. I still think Belcher is gonna be a contender in a year or so. LHW already has enough big money fights.