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MMA gets internet props

Yeah there’s a tiny bit of doom and gloom in MMA right now – the next few months are light on big fights and some are starting to mutter the F word – no, not fuck or even fag but FAD. But fuck those fags who call it a fad. MMA is still going strong, as shown by Google’s year end search analysis:

In Google’s recently released 2009 year-end Zeitgeist, the UFC was named as the No. 3 fastest rising sports search around the world, trailing only the Real Madrid soccer team and “US Open” (it did not specify whether the search term referred specifically to either golf or tennis).

That top-five distinction is certainly something to be proud of for the UFC when you consider the fact that according to comScore, which is the global leader in digital search information, draws more than 100 billion searches a month worldwide.

And over at Yahoo’s Year in Review, Sherdog landed in the #10 slot of their Blogger’s Roll as determined by search demand. Think about that for a second: One of the biggest blogs on the internet this year is Sherdog. This is extra impressive considering Sherdog isn’t even a blog, but hey. To me that just makes it extra impressive that they made it onto the list, complete with a jolly drawing of Jeff Sherwood to boot.