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MMA Fanhouse is stirring shit up

This is awesome … finally it seems like some of the more mainstream MMA outlets are growing a pair and going after people. It’s easy enough for most companies and institutions to ignore the mouth breathers at some hardcore bloggo MMA site. But it’s not so easy when it’s Yahoo and AOL’s sports divisions knocking at your door. Yahoo’s Steve Cofield has been doing a pretty good job talking shit when shit needs talking about, and now Michael David Smith from AOL is starting to harass the athletic commissions regarding the bullshit Arlovski/Nelson standup:

Ortiz said “you gotta improve your position” three times before he stood them up, so you can’t say Nelson wasn’t warned. But you can say that Ortiz was wrong to make that instruction, because Nelson was doing plenty on the ground. During their 39 seconds on the ground, Nelson had gotten Arlovski in a wrist lock as a precursor to a kimura, and had landed three solid knees to Arlovski’s side. How does that justify standing the fighters up?

I wanted to ask Ortiz that, so on Monday I called the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which licenses Ortiz and all the refs who worked Saturday night’s show. When I first called, I was told that they’d get back to me with Ortiz’s contact information. That hasn’t happened, and now they’re not returning my phone calls, so I’m assuming that Ortiz told the spokespeople there that he doesn’t want to have to explain himself.

And that’s wrong. The whole point of having the state sanctioning bodies overseeing MMA is that the sport is supposed to have accountability.

This is both a totally awesome and completely naive opinion. God bless him for voicing it but I’m expecting nothing to come of it. Unless of course Mike digs in and doesn’t let this go. Do you gots the testicular fortitude to keep the pressure on, Mike??? Someone needs to take the commissions to task for continuing to employ judges and refs who probably don’t even know what BJJ stands for, let alone the concepts behind it and other groundwork. I’m too busy championing Extreme Arm Wrestling … besides, no one listens to a word I say. Something about how a man with naked grape photos on the internet loses all his credibility.