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MMA is exactly like / nothing at all like boxing

Here’s two boxers with two completely different views on the difference between fighting in boxing and fighting in MMA. First, James Toney pontificates on why it is exactly the same:

“Why should I be scared of an MMA fighter?” Toney asked. “What’s different? MMA ain’t no different than boxing. Boxing is much tougher because you’re in there constantly punching and pounding. Right here, you’ve got Randy Couture who’s going to be scared and constantly try to hug me like a little girl, and I’m going to make him pay for that.

“Everybody knows that if you’re going to stand with me, one mistake and that’s your ass. Did ya’ll tell Randy Couture that I’m wearing small gloves now? Did you tell him that? What do you think is going through his head right now? ‘I need to stay the [expletive] away from his hands.’ That’s what he’s thinking. Every night, he’s going to bed thinking, ‘What if I get hit?'”

And here’s current WBA World Heavyweight Champion David Haye explaining how it’s completely different:

“Six months of training isn’t going to be enough,” Haye said. “As a UFC fan, I know two or three years wouldn’t be enough. How many times has Toney sprawled in his life? 500? How many leg kicks has he taken in his life? 300? How many Kimura attempts has he defended? 140? Even if he’s done double that amount, he wouldn’t have nearly the experience needed to win a UFC fight.”

Haye said Toney would be best off if he lands his punches early, because if he’s not finished after grappling with Couture on the ground, he’s going to be surprised by how beaten up and heavy his arms feel.

“I know from training in MMA myself that the wrestling aspect ruins your punching power,” Haye said. “After a minute of grappling, your arms, back and shoulders fill with blood and even if you then find space to throw punches, your power is suddenly crap.

“And I hit a lot harder and I’m so much faster than James, and I couldn’t land a punch on fighters when all they wanted to do was take me down to the ground. James is a much more static fighter than I am, and is going to get thrown on his back immediately by Randy. I admire Toney’s spirit and boxing skills. But he’s delusional here.”

Hmmm, that explanation sounds pretty scientific. But then again, I don’t trust Sciences. They keep trying to tell me my grandpappy was a monkey and we’re raping the earth to death.