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MMA Doc Dump

MMA web-docs… so hot right now.  Set aside an hour or so and join us for a few, won’t you?

Above, check out the first episode of Fighters Only’s “Clown Chronicles”, starring TUF Smashes finalist Colin “Freakshow” Fletcher.  After the jump, a few more from Overeem’s pals.

If the next few look similar to “The Reem”, that’s because they share the same managers and YouTube channel, so I presume they were made by the same folks.  First is the premiere of a new series on Tyrone Spong, who with records of 68-6 in kickboxing and now 1-0 in MMA, is indeed the king of the ring.  Or at least a king… one of many.  You know, like in the olden times when there were lots of kings, each ruling over their own little city-states.  Or something.  I dunno where I’m going with this.

Next, follow BJJ master Braulio Estima as he prepares for his MMA debut at TFC 24 in August.

And finally, Eddie Alvarez gears up for his rematch with Shinya Aoki at Bellator 66 back in April.

BONUS CLIP:  Highlights from a personal favorite, Genghis Con’s sadly defunct “Miami Hustle” series.

BONUS CLIP 2: Song for Jon Jones, CAINtheBULL’s attempt to knock Genghis Con off his pedestal as #1 docu-highlight maker.