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MMA Day in Toronto

We’re still awaiting the results of the UFC’s push to get Canada’s criminal code reworded to allow mixed martial arts, but in the meantime MMA fans in Toronto have decided that while lobbying politicians through well connected legal advisers is cool and all, they’re gonna try a good old fashioned rally to change some opinions:

Frustrated mixed martial arts fans from Ontario will now have a place to go to voice their opinions. On Saturday, May 22, the First Annual Ontario MMA Day takes place with an outdoor rally at Queen’s Park on the front lawn of the Legislature Building. The event, organized by the Toronto-based Mixed Martial Arts Expo, aims to bring together Ontario citizens, families and businesses that see a great benefit in having MMA recognized as legitimate combat sport in province, just as boxing has been for over eighty years.

All I can say is hopefully this doesn’t end up being an annual thing.