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UFC courts the king of Wok racing

Just to update you on the “UFC gehen nach Deutschland” story (aka UFC in Germany), here’s the situation: no TV deal has been signed yet, and Randy will definitely be involved but as of now Randy vs Chuck 4 seems like an “If we can’t think of anything better” option in the promotion’s mind. TV deals are on the edge of falling into place, with ProSieben close to locking up live UFC events for a big chunk of eastern Europe and another channel called DMAX in the running for shows like The Ultimate Fighter.

One of the big pieces in the puzzle is getting Germany to look at MMA in a positive light rather than as a brutal bloodsport. For that, they’re hoping to enlist the aid of a talk show host named Stefan Raab:

ProSieben has a market share of 6.5 percent for approximately 5.5 million viewers. ProSieben also enjoys strong ratings in the coveted 18-to-34 demographic (sometimes as high as 18 percent) and boasts the most successful German television host in Stefan Raab.

Raab, a hybrid of David Letterman and Jay Leno, has captured the attention of viewers by taking concepts which appear to be totally incompatible to primetime TV — like high diving and parallel slalom — and making them into big hits with huge ratings. The 10-year veteran has also hosted celebrity boxing events and is said to an avid MMA fan.

Not coincidentally, Randy Couture has already been booked to appear on Raab’s late night show “TV Total” in the week leading up to UFC 99. Couture has been identified as the top main-card candidate for UFC 99, primarily for his ability to speak German from his days as a U.S. Army soldier stationed there.

‘Parallel Slalom’ is a generous name for the sport Stefan Raab popularized, which everyone else just calls “Wok Racing”. What exactly is wok racing? Well … it’s racing. With woks. Down bobsled hills. He’s also well known for a sport where you use cars to knock a giant ball into a net.

I know it’s a bit hard to be all high class around here considering we’re the only MMA site posting videos of midgets fighting. But I’m still not too sure about getting in bed with a guy who’s known for retarded novelty sports. I know that’s how a large amount of Germans look at MMA, and that’s kinda the angle we want to get away from.