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MMA and the herpes

On the last Low Blow, Jake and I had a little disagreement on how bad the rash on your penis has to be before you can’t fight any more. We know hepatitis, HIV and full blown AIDS are no no’s (when the CSAC catches them, that is), but past that it’s a decent mystery where herpes, jenny warts, and the other A to Zs of sexy transmitted diseases fit in the licensing procedure.

Jake thought regulations would be pretty tight. I had suspicions – based on the fact that fighters and sluts go together like spaghetti and meatballs – that STDs are pretty common in MMA, and if every fighter with herpes was no longer allowed to fight, we’d probably lose a third of the UFC.

Anyways, it’s all still a big mystery to me, but there’s one person with a kind of herpes that is apparently still allowed to fight so long as he’s not covered in open sores: Paul Bradley, who was the guy kicked off TUF 8 for having herpes gladiatorum, will be fighting for Strikeforce in September.

I have no idea how transmutable anything is. I just know that a few rounds of jiu jitsu rolling is like bathing in someone else’s sweat and that seems like it’d be a pretty ‘good’ way for all sorts of stuff to incubate and spread. Anyone else have any more knowledge on the situation?