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MMA and gunfights

Normally I ignore the slings and arrows of the retarded mainstream media when it comes to the legitimacy of MMA. Luke Thomas does a much better job at being constantly outraged at the bias and factual inadequacies of these, but this one was too good to pass up.

Ed Montini of the Arizona Republic compares legalizing MMA to legalizing drug use or gun fights:

However, if all that it took to legalize an activity was the consent of participants, there would be no laws against prostitution or drug use. And with blood sports, if legal acceptance were based solely on the willingness of combatants, then why not allow volunteers to fight to the death, gladiator style? For the right money, we’d find plenty of competitors.

We might even consider transforming the daily tourist entertainment in Tombstone into real gunfights. Imagine the pay-per-view numbers, the TV ratings, the tax revenue.

Of course, that would never happen. We would never allow that to happen. Would we?

Mind you, I personally feel that prostitution and drug use should be perfectly legal. But I’m kinda sorta against gunfights (and guns in general) because they result in people being DEAD. If MMA were anywhere near as dangerous as a gunfight, it would never have even gotten close to getting legalized. It’s specifically because of it’s safety record – you know, the whole ‘only two or three deaths since the sport began’ thing – that legislators have been forced to accept the facts of the situation and not the sensationalized bullshit spouted by retards like Ed.