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MMA and greasing

While it might become the biggest example, the GSP vs BJ Penn fight isn’t the first time a greasing scandal has broken out in MMA, and it won’t be the last. So long as commissions continue to follow brain dead boxing guidelines for how lubricants are handled in MMA, we’re gonna keep having claims, legit and frivolous, that people are greasing. Here’s some a few examples of greasing allegations and how they turned out:

Kazushi Sakuraba vs Yoshihiro Akiyama
On New Years Eve 2006, Japanese legend Sakuraba took on Korean judoka Akiyama at K1 Dynamite. Unlike most fighters who wait until after the fight to complain about greasing, Sakuraba let the ref know as soon as Akiyama slipped out of his first shoot. Unfortunately for Sakuraba, the referee ignored his repeated screams of “Greasy!” as Akiyama pounded on him from top position. The fight was stopped with Akiyama declared the winner.

Akiyama initially claimed he was just a sweaty kind of guy, but would later admit that he had used Oil of Olay on his skin before the fight to treat a skin condition. The fight was ruled a no contest, and Akiyama was suspended for 9 months. There were also accusations that Akiyama had used a knuckle duster during the fight, but these have been dismissed by K1 officials. Regardless, Akiyama is still one of the most hated fighters in Japan now.

Kenny Florian vs Roger Huerta
While not going so far as to directly state that Roger Huerta had definitely greased up for their fight at UFC 87, Kenny Florian did voice his suspicions to The Fight Card radio show, claiming that Huerta was “really really really slippery, and I don’t mean that technically-wise.” Florian pointed to Huerta’s ability to escape a choke and the mount as evidence. Huerta for the most part stayed quiet while the allegations flew, but later claimed innocence. Nothing ever came of the situation, although many people are re-examining Huerta’s affiliation with Greg Jackson’s camp now that we have these GSP greasing allegations.

Roger Huerta vs Melvin Guillard
Back in 2005, Roger Huerta took on Melvin Guillard at Freestyle Fighting Championship 14. While Guillard ended up winning the bout via judge’s decision, the fight was ruled a No Contest when the referee protested the decision. He claimed he had to wipe Guillard down before the fight because of lubricants and then he caught Melvin’s corner re-applying more between rounds. You can watch the entire fight right here.

Nick Diaz vs Diego Sanchez
Diaz and Sanchez had a memorable war at the Ultimate Fighter 2 finale, but one thing most don’t remember is Diaz’s greasing accusations against Diego after the fight. Nick claimed that Diego had used a ‘greasy substance’ on his shoulders and arms which kept Nick from executing his takedowns. While no one ever looked into Diaz’s accusations, many did note that Sanchez’ hair looked like it had about a gallon of gel in it.

Big Nog vs Tim Sylvia
Typically it’s the losers complaining about greasing but in this case it was the winner. After successfully subbing the shit out of Tim Sylvia at UFC 81, Nog’s muay thai trainer Luiz Alves claimed that Sylvia’s corner had used some sort of baby cream which became slippery when wet. Nothing came of this, and everyone just passed it off as good ol’ fashioned Brazilian insanity.

Tito Ortiz vs Forrest Griffin
Another example of a fighter winning the fight but complaining afterwards: After winning a controversial decision win over Forrest Griffin at UFC 59, Tito Ortiz claimed that Forrest had greased up in an attempt to keep from being taken down. Forrest heatedly denied the accusation, and other than an unsubstantiated rumor that part of Forrest’s paycheck was docked by the UFC over the incident (again denied by everyone involved), nothing became of this.