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MMA amateur hour

Eugh. Why the fuck is it that new promotions come in two flavors:

1. Rich guys who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. They have all the money in the world but can’t seem to put together a logo or website that doesn’t resemble kindergarden kids going at it with crayons. Company burns through a shitload of money, dies on the vine (sometimes before an event even happens), the end.

2. Poor bastards who use their amazing spin skills and hucksterism to create a glorious looking house of cards which is just waiting for the first breeze to knock it over. These guys are smart, their ideas are solid, and they’d make it for sure … if only they had some fucking money. Of course they don’t, they try to rely on advance ticket sales and other sketchy shit in to finance the payment for operations. They choke and die the first time someone demands a deposit on something.

I’m just sick and tired of this Keystone Kops shit. With the exception of EliteXC (barely), Strikeforce, and HDNet Fights, I can’t think of any other middling promotion that’s not fucking retarded.

  • Big D D says:

    “With the exception of EliteXC (barely), Strikeforce, and HDNet Fights, I can’t think of any other middling promotion that’s not fucking retarded.”

    Because there are none!

  • dulljake says:

    in the pit there is no law? what is this, Mortal Combat?

  • Smitler says:

    Is that really the logo or one you guys knocked up?
    It’s really poor whatever the case.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    Talk about amateur marketing. I bet they’ll change it up later on though.

  • Hey give us some credit. If I had made it, it would have looked 100x better than that, and 50x better than the new IFL logo

  • Big D D says:

    “THEY’RE BACK!!!!!!”
    Who the fuck are they referring to?
    Good ole’ Bob and his Twig n’ Berries?

  • frickshun says:

    There should be switches all over the “yamma”. When you hit one it releases dogs that bark bees. Or weapons.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    God, Meyrowitz needs to get the fuck out of the MMA business. Seriously. This guy is completely retarded. Even more so Gareb Shamus and Kurt Otto. And yes, ProElite (though barely like you said), Strikeforce and HDNet Fights seem to be the only secondary promotions that aren’t fucking retarded. Strikeforce is probably the one that has its head in the right place the most.

    M-1 Global is completely retarded though. The Russians and Americans have poor communication with eachother and there is no way they are going to be financially sustainable with their business model. Monte Cox himself said that if they were to have a Fedor vs. Barnett event, they’d need 200,000 PPV buys to break even. That is absolutely ridiculous. You’d need 100,000 PPV buys @ $40 a pop (half goes to the PPV provider) just to be able to cover Fedor’s salary and the other 100,000 PPV buys would have to go towards covering Barnett’s salary, everyone else’s salary and all the expenses related to the event. That is a joke.

    Fedor has name value with the hardcore fanbase but he’s not going to draw six digit PPV buys in America. Fedor vs Lindland did like 14,000 buys or something and PRIDE 32 featuring Fedor didn’t break 100,000 buys. I think that did only 75,000 buys and that was with all the PRIDE superstars they had. M-1 Global is going to be a disaster. HDNet Fights is going to be the only real competition in America for the UFC in the future. ProElite is going to lose the confidence of their investors with their stock plummeting and Strikeforce is a regional promotion so that leaves Mark Cuban, who actually has a chance to make it work. Though hosting a MMA promotion on HDNet makes it difficult to capture a broad audience.

  • victorpoprock says:

    This is being done by the Guy who started the UFC and he says that he is using some new revolutionary fighting surface. There are rumors going around that it will incorporate hydrolics of some sort to break up stalemates on the ground. I’m more curious about this fighting surface than anything else about the org.