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MMA 101

As part of it’s attempt to educate the unenlightened masses on what they’re seeing on CBS tonight, ProElite has an MMA 101 section on it’s site covering the history of the sport, the rules, terminology, and fighting styles. My personal favorite? The section on lay n pray:

Lay and Pray
Lay and pray is similar to a ground and pound style, but instead of striking on the floor the fighter utilizes position and smothering techniques to ride out a decision. Many top wrestlers emphasize this style, oftentimes due to their inability to adapt to MMA rules. Many fighters with a double background in wrestling and Jiujitsu employ this style to the fullest, as their dominating ground games are light years ahead of most competitors. “Popular” lay and pray fighters include Ricardo Arona and Sean Sherk.

I love the quotations around “popular”. Classic. Props to jackal Ryan for the find!