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Mixed Martial Arts just got sexier

Anyone remember the star of the Ultimate Fighter season 4? No, not Matt Serra. Who’s that? I’m talking about staph infection. Well, looks like it’s making a comeback of it’s own:

The superbugs, first seen mainly in hospitals and nursing homes, have turned up recently among athletes, prisoners and people who get illegal tattoos.

Called methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, these staph germs can cause skin infections that in rare cases have led to pneumonia, bloodstream infections and a painful, flesh-destroying condition. MRSA is hard to treat because the bacteria have developed resistance to the penicillin drug family.

And of course anyone who’s ever done MMA training knows it’s about as close to gay sex as you can get without penetration. All that sweaty flesh connecting and touching and so forth isn’t a good. Oh yeah and the whole rubbing of open wounds together. Yummy. Okay I gotta go eat some raisin bran. Peace out!