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Misaki avoids jail time

Misaki sure does have some good luck with Japanese judges:

Misaki, 33, appeared Thursday in Tokyo District Court and pleaded guilty to obstruction to justice. Though the prescribed penalty for his offense is 14 months jail time under the Japanese penal code, Misaki was given a three-year suspended sentence by judge Iwao Maeda.

On March 19, the 2006 Pride 183-pound grand prix champion was ordered to pull over when a Tokyo Metropolitan policeman noticed him talking on his cell phone while driving. As the officer approached the car, Misaki ignored his request to stop and drove away. Misaki’s driver side mirror also stuck the officer’s left wrist, causing injury.

You might remember Misaki as the guy who won PRIDE’s last Bushido tournament after he lost it. More recently, he illegally kicked Akiyama in the face at last year’s Yarrenoka event and then made his entire victory speech about how Akiyama sucked and was dishonorable. He’s basically gotten off on this charge with a slap on the wrist and some dishonor – not quite enough to cancel his fight on August 2nd though. But don’t worry … I’m pretty sure Buddha will drop a truck on him sooner or later.