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Mirko’s latest claims, Japan’s latest aspirations

The biggest non-story lately has been Mirko CroCop fighting at UFC 99 in Germany. This rumor went from being as hot as you can find, with several reliable sources talking not just about Mirko returning, but discussion on who the UFC was looking to pit him against. But then UFC 99 was announced … and no Mirko. It’s been a week now … and still no Mirko. And now Mirko is speaking out, and it’s all back to talk of Japan and DREAM: a potential fight with Fedor, and a rematch with Alistair Overeem under K1 rules in July.

There’s also been rumors of a DREAM heavyweight or openweight grand prix. While that’s a much better idea than the featherweight and welterweight tourneys DREAM has been running with, I have to wonder if they still have the ability to put the kind of big names into one bracket they’d need to do this right. They’ve still got enough of a roster, but can they afford it?