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Mirko’s gameplan

While it’s not exactly the most relevant fight in the world, Mirko Crocop vs Hong Man Choi is interesting simply because people are wondering if Mirko has fallen so far he can’t get by a guy who’s gone 0-4 in his last four fights. Interestingly enough, Crocop has said that he doesn’t plan to dish on the feet with Choi, which doesn’t make much sense to me since I thought everyone knew that was how to beat Choi.

Ray Sefo was the last to do it, and he perfected the gameplan popularized by Badr Hari and Jerome LeBanner: keep moving and beat the shit out of the guy every time he misses you. Stay out of the corners, watch out for those slow motion knees and you’ll be fine. Still, I suppose putting Choi on his back is a decent plan too.

As for Hong Man Choi, he’s not sounding all that confident about the fight. Personally, I’ve had big questions about his desire to fight for a while now. The last few fights he’s looked less interested in a win than a paycheck.