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Mirko’s been ‘fixed’

Mirko Crocop has gone ahead and finally had that knee surgery he’s been putting off for way too long. What’s next for Mirko is still a big question mark, but one thing is for sure: he ain’t retiring.

“I’m usually in a lot pain after major surgeries however I’ve felt no pain this time. I have no idea why, maybe the years inside the ring have tought me to tolerate pain. I hope to begin training in May and hope to return to fighting in June.” said Cro Cop.

We’ve learned from people close to the UFC that Cro Cop could return to the cage at UFC 99 in Cologne, Germany . President Dana White once again said he would welcome Mirko’s return. A fight front of thousands of Croatians fans would be a great spectacle and undoubtedly a career high light for the Croatian. It would be a huge occasion. However leaving Dream wont be an easy task. FEG is sure make another lucrative offer would extended his contract with the organization.

Still, what can FEG offer that would match the UFC’s ability to place Crocop on a card within driving distance of all his hardcore hometown fans? I didn’t place all that much belief into the rumors that Mirko was gonna return to the UFC any time soon, but fighting on the Germany card makes so much sense that it’d be foolish for him not to. If you ask me, it’s time for Crocop and Kongo to rematch, special iron spike cup stylez.