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Mirko talks UFC 99

Last week Mirko Crocop listed an A to Z of MMA promotions he was considering fighting for, but now he seems pretty bullish on getting back to the UFC. Here’s an interview translated by our bud Robert at

Interviewer: How is your knee?
Cro Cop: Well every thing is all right. They didn’t amputate my leg so I guess the operation was a success. (Joking) I’m satisfied with the recovery. Its getting better every day. I’m doing some light work.

Interviewer: You’re doing some weight work/upper body work at the moment?
Cro Cop: That’s right. I’m mostly working from my back. I cant use my legs. I plan to start boxing in April.

I was better prepared than your average knee reconstruction patient. I was putting of the operation for quite some time and in the mean time was doing the required exercise for recovery. So my comeback will be ahead of schedule. Six days after my operation I was already doing some exercises. I plan to be using both my hands and legs in sparing and ground work in May.

Interviewer: Where will you make your comeback?
There is a great possibility that I will be fighting for the UFC in Cologne, Germany. I don’t know my opponent yet. But I’m very confident that we’ll come to an agreement with the UFC and that I’ll fight for them in June. There are other offers on the table also.

Interviewer: Do you have any idea as to who you’ll face?
I’ve heard that I could be facing Randy Couture. That would a great. Then again its not up to me or him but management so we’ll have to wait and see. But I’m sure he’d also be interested in that fight. I’d most prefer to be a free agent and fight up to six times a year but that is unlikely.

I don’t get what’s up with these guys … one day they want to slut it up with every promotion under the sun and the next they sound like the UFC is the only place to be. We need to start slapping mood rings or something on these guys to keep up with all their whims and flights of fancy.

It’d be pretty great to see Mirko at UFC 99 but if he’s there he probably won’t be fighting Randy Couture. The latest news from him is that he will be helping the UFC with promo for the show, but unless filming wraps early on the Sylvester Stallone movie he’s shooting in the spring, he won’t have time to put together a proper training camp.