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Mirko signing official

Back when Lorenzo Fertitta started working directly with the UFC, he was still generally a ghost that would only come out from time to time. Lately though he’s been out and about more and more and I’m starting to wonder if he’s gonna shave his head and start putting himself on the cover of UFC magazine soon.

For now though I’m happy to cover more of what he’s saying, even though a good 60% is regurgitated Dana White talking points. Over the weekend he fielded questions from fans at the UFC Fan Expo and amongst Fedor, the scoring system, teammates fighting, and health care, he confirmed that he had re-signed Mirko Crocop.

Dana White also took some time out of his schedule to explain what happened with Mirko to the press at UFC 100, and this time the ‘fuckers’ in the standard Dana equation were from DREAM and they were all up in his bizniz trying to get him to shoot his foot off. In this case, it’s hard to deny that there wasn’t funny business going on over in Japan specifically to try and derail the Mirko Crocop booking. I just find it funny that Dana basically fell for it. For an outspoken swearophile, he still does pretty well for himself but he’s starting to eat foot sandwiches on a fairly regular basis, and this time it nearly cost him one of Europe’s biggest fighters.