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Mirko realizes grappling a Gracie is dumb, pulls out of DREAM.4

When the announcement was made that Mirko Crocop was going to take on Ralek Gracie in a submission match at DREAM.4 we all went “Huh?” Now we’re hearing that the fight is off due to undisclosed injuries. And we all go “Huh.” From

The report stated Cro Cop was dealing with some nagging injuries and he decided to forgo this match-up and wait until July 21 for the next Dream show.

Although at this time no fight has been signed, he is strongly rumored to be facing former K-1 champion Jerome LeBanner in an MMA bout.

Translation: Mirko isn’t really hurt enough not to compete … but he’s decided it’s better to heal up for his REAL fight next month. While I can’t really fault that line of reasoning, I’m still wondering why the fuck the grappling match was made in the first place. Taking on a Gracie in a grappling tournament is a good way to highlight just how bad you are on the ground. At best you’re going to end up on top trying to avoid 1001 subs. I know the idea was probably to try and prove he’s got game, but come on now, Mirko: You don’t need to be really good at homo-jitsu. Coming in to “Wild Boys” already wins over the gays.