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Mirko doesn’t want to stop

Why do so many fighters stick around past their prime to sully their legacy with 3-5 years worth of mediocre fighting? Some do it for the money. Some do it for the fame. And some do it because without fighting their lives appear hollow and empty. Unfortunately for Mirko Crocop, he is apparently one of the last type. There is no amount of fame or fortune that can fill his cup, so he will fight until he is but a shell of his former self:

“I’m in a final stage of my career. I don’t know if that means I have 3, 5 10 or 15 fights left but I know one thing for sure – this is going to be the most productive part of my career”

“I’ve resolved in my head things that were bothering me. I had to answer the question do I still want to train so hard every day. And now I’m certain that I do. It’s not about the money anymore.”

“I’ve made enough money though out my career. I realized I don’t know how to live without fighting. And people who ask me why don’t I end my career with 35 years…well, maybe they didn’t have anything in their lives they were devoted to 100%. I’m just asking them to try to understand me, I can’t live without fighting. So please people, stop giving me advice to quit! I know one thing now, One day when I stop fighting – a part of me will certainly die.”

But Mirko, don’t you know that a part of us dies every time you’re reduced to fighting a total can or have a hard time dealing with guys like Cheick Kongo and Alistair Overeem? And things haven’t even gotten all that bad yet … past the Gonzaga head kick and some bad luck with his testicles, Mirko hasn’t even started taking real beatings yet. So for those thinking Crocop has hit rock bottom, he hasn’t even really begun his fall yet.