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Mirko Crocop makes promises

You know the days of Mirko CroCop being the man are over when he has to make crazy promises to convince people his head is in the right spot. A new video featuring Mirko has been translated and here’s some of the points:

-Says he hasn’t had any breaks, has been training all summer
-Overeems youth or reach/height advantage will be not be a factor.
-He is pissed off at Overeem for all his comments and said that he has crossed the line
-that if he loses to Alistair he will jump in a barrel of tar naked in the biggest Amsterdam square and throw feathers on himself and run around until the police hospitalizes him and deports back to Croatia

Way back when, the idea of Mirko losing to Alistair Overeem was enough to get you hospitalized and/or deported back to Stupudia. So I suppose there’s a bit of poetic justice in CroCop going through with that if he loses. If the whole statement wasn’t hyperbole, I might actually start cheering for Overeem just to see that whole thing go down.