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Mir beats Nog. What … the … fuck.

Well holy shit. I was expecting there to be some upsets tonight, but I never figured that Frank Mir would take out Big Nog. But that’s exactly what he did … he used sharp striking and a ton of nice uppercuts to box Nog around. He dropped Nog twice in the first round and then again in the second, jumping on him the last time to finish him off with strikes. While some will say the fight was stopped prematurely, I’d say it’s not much of a controversy. Herb Dean could have let it go on for 10 more seconds and it would have just been 10 more seconds of Nog eating punches to the face.

So what can I say about Mir? I’ve been shitting on him since he came back from his motorcycle accident, and hey … I don’t take anything back. He hasn’t impressed me since then, and even when he won he still showed all sorts of holes in his game. Against Brock Lesnar he basically turtled up and quit … if Brock hadn’t bongo’d the back of his head, he would have lost that fight.

But tonight, Mir didn’t just win. He dominated Nogueira. His strikes kept looping up from underneath, drilling Nog again and again. His gameplan was smart … beat him up, back off, beat him up, back off. Even as he did this I kept expecting Nog to come back. That obviously did not happen.

I really don’t know how to feel about this … my world has been turned upside down. Mir sucks and Nog rocks. That’s just common sense, right? Not anymore. I’ve still got questions about Mir’s willpower. Will he show testicular fortitude when he’s on the receiving end of a beating or will he buckle like he has in the past? But past that, I can’t deny that he’s got the skills to hang at the upper levels of the UFC’s heavyweight division.

As for Nog, I know everyone’s already talking retirement but I say fuck that. Bring on Nog vs Randy!