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Minowa KOs Sokoudjou … sorta

You always hear that the problem with leg locks is they cost you position and leave you open to getting smashed repeatedly in the face. That was the story of the first two rounds: Minowa went in for leg locks, Sokoudjou punched him many times for his troubles, and then fell on top of him and punched him some more. So it went until the final moments of the second round when a gassed Sok literally fell into a kneebar that would have finished him if the round hadn’t ended

Then things got strang. Round 3 involved three minutes of Sok and Minowa staring at eachother and two yellow cards from the ref. It was looking like a third was coming up when out of nowhere Minowa engaged and – get this – knocked Sokoudjou on his ass. Whether he knocked Sok out or just knocked him over is debatable, but the one punch was enough for the ref to jump in and stop things. It straddled the line between early stoppage and screwjob stoppage, but since the replays were clipped I’ll have to wait until the forums provide gifs, pictures, and other fight forensics before I can say for sure.

Standard sketchy Japanese shenanigans. Pretty fun seeing Minowa floor Sokoudjou though – a nice way for the Super Hulk tournament to end, even if it came off a bit … massaged, if you know what I mean.