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Minor Diaz / Guida drama

We’ve already mentioned that we feel this weekend’s Guida vs Diaz fight has been sorely overlooked. Now it seems like the UFC is finally trying to build up a little bit of hype for the fight. A few months back, Nate Diaz and his brother reverse-crashed the Fight Night 15 press conference, fucking off halfway through for an unknown reason. It turns out that Nick didn’t like how people were asking Nate about Clay Guida and a potential fight between the two.

Yeah I know … doesn’t make much sense, does it? But that’s the Diaz brothers and it wouldn’t be a proper scrap if someone’s mug wasn’t being mugged or whatever kids do with their mugs nowadays to show disrespect. We all know what to expect from Clay Guida … 15 minutes of frenzied humping. The real question is if Nate be able to catch him a submission before the fight goes to the judge’s scorecard.