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Miletich: EVERYONE is greased up

Sure, this whole Greasegate thing has been talked to death but I feel like BJ is starting to win this whole argument based on the fact that he’s put together more entertaining evidence and that he just won’t shut up about it. GSP and the gang have all said their peice and are now just hoping things go away. Thus far that doesn’t seem to be working. So just to equal all the coverage out between the two parties, here’s Pat Miletich talking about the realities of fights when you have Vaseline involved:

“Trust me, BJ’s face rubbing against GSP’s arm and everything else while they were battling, got way more grease on GSP then GSP’s trainer rubbing on him,” Miletich said.

“(Cornermen) have techniques for rubbing down a fighter’s thighs when they are in the corner. You know, massaging their thighs to get the lactic acid out of their legs. They massage their traps to loosen them up, rub their shoulders, too. That’s always been done in boxing. So, to me, there is going to be a lot more Vaseline coming off a guy’s face onto another guy’s body than anything else.”

Miletich added that this sort of practice happens in almost every single MMA fight.

“People don’t even think about it,” he said. “If I have Vaseline all over my face just in a boxing match, you know, when I am punching someone in a boxing match, the Vaseline gets all over my gloves. When we tie up, it gets all over a guy’s body.

“Now, imagine in a wrestling scenario with grappling and everything else going on. Your face is rubbing up all over a guy’s shoulder, all over his arms, all over his chest, all over the sides of his body when you are taking him down. There’s Vaseline all over everybody all the time. It doesn’t even matter.”

That’s always been the way I figured it. You see fighters on a regular basis – maybe not any more but all the time before – answering the bell with gigantic chunks of Vaseline still hanging off their eyebrows, and of course that shit ends up down your chest in no time. If the small amounts of lubricant still on Phil Nurse’s fingers were able to annihilate BJ Penn’s guard the way it did, then we need to stop allowing that shit in the cage PERIOD.