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Mike Sloan is stupid (again)

Dur, looky what Mike Sload sed:

Am I the only person who knows that the “free” fights on Spike TV aren’t free? Come on, people. Why can’t you understand that you have to actually pay for that cable channel? It’s beyond irritating when these superb fight cards are touted as being on “free” TV. While it’s inexpensive to have a cable package with Spike TV, it’s not free. Enough already!

Well jeez Mike. Thanks for pointing that out to everyone. You make such a great point. By the way, you are a nitpicking son of a bitch who has nothing better to do with his time but point out that SpikeTV is a cable channel and therefore it’s costs are included in your cable bill.

I’m amazed you have enough time to even write for Sherdog, considering the fact that you should be out there reminding people that calling 1-800 numbers from home is not free because they still have to pay for the phone service. And maybe you should complain about those ‘free’ MMA events you guys at Sherdog go to on a regular basis because because you still had to pay for gas, parking, and 12 jumbo chili cheese dogs.

In short, while you may technically be right, you are still a douche. Everyone already knows this fact, and trying to bring it up like you’re some kind of smartypants just makes you look like more of a tool than usual.


  • Xavier says:




  • fightfan says:

    Sloan is smart. I have around 50 channels in my cable package. It costs me around $50 a month. SO to breakdown how much a SPIKE event costs……….

    3 hours = SPIKE event = 1/8 of ONE day
    cable cost about $1(ONE) dollar a day………..

    So 1/8 of a dollar is……12.5 cents

    Yeah, it is DEFINITLEY not free. To watch a SPIKE event is abotu 12.5 cents. But then again, we didnt take into account the ELECTRICITY it cost to run the TV. Oh yeah how about the price of the TV. Or what about the time we could of been working and making money. What about the rent or mortgage of the room you are watching the TV in???? This could go on and on and on……Lete leave it to the douchebag. Maybe he will write the actual cost of watching the event

    FIGHTLINKER rocks!!!!!

  • kentyman says:

    Because of the price of internet access, reading Mike Sloan’s articles cost me money.

    And my soul.

  • fightfan says:

    My math not reals good. but I didnt even take into account that what EACH channel costs per day. SO actually the cost is even CHEAPER than the above.


    $50 per month, so ABOUT $2(little less, used 25 days in a month) per day for my cable package.

    Since there are 50 channels so each channel costs $.04 (4 CENTS) a day

    Spiek event is 3 hours, which is 1/8 of a day………SO it costs 1/8 of $.04…..WHICH COMES TO $.005…….WHICH IS HALF A PENNY TO WATCH A SPIKE EVENT!!!!!!!!!!

  • matt(tapout name shitstain) says:

    I’ll tell you what is not free and that’s my time. Mike Sloan you dumb fuck stop wasting it with your worthless writing.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Yeah… He reminds me of that kid in class who ALWAYS points out the obvious… Who is not liked by anyone… Yep, its that kid.. Who you always want to punch in the face for being…. a douch…. Challenge him Ryan!!!

  • kentyman says:

    Like the kid that says “No, ’cause if it’s Opposite Day, then it’s NOT Opposite Day, ’cause it’s the opposite.”

    Shit, I think that was me.

  • def says:

    Haha Ko in the first round. Fightlinker wins 😉

  • Vale Nada says:

    There you go, link…back to your old self. Keep talking shit, man. Give it to those pussies. I love it.

  • Adam says:

    This article is why I love Fightlinker beyond any other MMA blog on the intertubes.

  • frickshun says:


    I can accept you mocking a man’s death (Ryan). I can accept you covering your body in nothing but grapes (instant boner). But I can NOT accept you bashing a severely retarded boy who has the courage to put his random words & scribbles, or as he calls them “thoughts”, on display for the world to critique. I watched Mike Sloan as Corky from Life Goes On. I watched him play Benny on LA Law (retard mailroom guy). I watched him in German schizer(sp?) porn as another man took a dump on his chest. BUT I CAN’T STAND WATCHING YOU TORMENT HIM OVER A STATEMENT ONLY A FUCKING RETARDED IMBECILE WOULD WRITE. Did he really write that on purpose or click “submit comment” before erasing a joke post?

  • dulljake says:

    Did you Jacals know that Fightlinker is not free? how dare we selfishly not pay for the internet for you? outrageous!

  • Wow, i needed another reason to think Mike Sloan is a total dousche bag.

  • intenso says:


  • Audacity says:

    frickshun: The spelling is “scheisse.”

  • ajadoniz says:


  • igorpunck says:

    what a fucking moron!
    the link doesn’t work btw for some reason

  • Jordan Breen says:

    Fight Sloan if you survive Sammy Caps.

  • bmiller says: