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Mike Sloan is an idiot

Read Mike’s Monday Morning Reverie here. He discounts BJ Penn and Frank Shamrock’s victories, but then heaps praise on Cung Le’s win over Tony Fryklund. As I talk about in the upcoming episode of the Low Blow, something was rotten in the Le/Fryklund bout. I won’t go as far to say the fight was a fix, but I don’t think winning was #1 on Tony’s mind.

  • Archivist says:

    Fryklund was sent Polaroids of his dog and told to avoid any remote attempts at takedowns or else the poodle gets it.

    I kinda dig Cung Le actually but he will get his sexy hairdo thoroughly smashed against the first grappler that has no domestic pet to have kidnapped.

  • I really wanna know if I’m crazy or not. To me the fight made no sense and Frykland just took a beating and pulled back every time he started landing. Zero takedown attempts. Zero. ZERO. Not one. To me, it seemed like he wasn’t trying to win, he was trying to make Cung Le look good

  • Asa says:

    I thought he just Wanged the fight.

  • Tribull says:

    I wish everyone would get off Cung Le’s nuts that fight was a total set up just like the rest of his MMA fights. It is sickening to see someone win like that. I will be a Cung le fan when he starts actually fighting instead of writing checks. My opinion

  • It was definitely a Wang kinda fight. And also a San Shou clinic at full speed.

  • Haha I like how there’s now a term for it … ‘Wanging’ a fight. Very apt.

  • Jim says:

    As I was watching the fight and wondering why Fryklund wasn’t shooting the same thought came to me… “This is a work!”