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Mike ‘Quit’ Swick

Yeah, it’s an inflammatory title, but I stick by it. I knew Swick was done as soon as they showed him talking to his corner at the end of round 1. Which is too bad because he had the tools and the ability to take that fight easily. But Okami got in his head and took the win. If you watch the fight again, you’ll see Swick’s spirit break midway through the first when Okami uses brute force to lift and knock/drop Swick from the clinch. There were a few times where he let his hands fly and he almost took the fight back, but in the end he was done after that first round.

  • Melek says:

    for a second there I was werirod . Hope you find some time to give us your thoughts on the decision that gave Sanchez de victory.Is the UFC ( Dana White handing 160 grand to the fighters for displaying some of Bonnar vs Griffin skills inside the Octagon ) trying to stimulate more slug fests ( Though Man Competition style )Is he trying to please the MORONS ? Lowest Common Denominator stuff ?I hope Sanchez can save some of his money ’cause his face won’t take much more of that