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Mike Pyle is superior to women

Originally when I heard that Mike Pyle was pissed with EliteXC, I figured stories would come out justifying his position. I mean, this is Gary Shaw we’re talking about: a big fat tracksuit wearing boxing promoter. He’s gotta run his shit shady and treat people like shit. But now the details are coming out and Mike Pyle is looking like quite the douche:

Mouth: Yes absolutely, so does it make you upset when someone like Gina Carano is being…

Pyle: THANK YOU! Thank you very much. This is a woman! I’m being put behind a woman to be on the undercard. I don’t have time for that man! That, right there gives me the idea that they don’t-and some of the people they chose to promote can’t even stay out of fucking jail long enough to make their fight.

Don’t think I’m taking that quote out of context. Over at FightOpinion they got the rest of his tirade and Pyle keeps up the fact that as a man he deserves a spot above women because women’s MMA is a joke. Also worth reading are the ignorant fucking comments from people who agree “Yeah, female MMA *is* a joke!”

Hey, I dunno what fucking shows people are watching. I’m sure there’s boatloads of shitty female MMA out at Wild Bob’s MMA and Chicken Wing Night, but to say there’s no quality female MMA is RETARDED. In fact, the main reason I don’t get to see more good female MMA is because of dumb rednecks who think women don’t deserve divisions and organizations to fight in. Fuck you guys.

While I agree that I’m not the biggest fan of how Gary Shaw runs his female division, I do understand from a business perspective that he’s growing the division the best way he can: by marketing marketable fighters. Maybe if Mike “Pyle of Shit” had a more marketable name, he wouldn’t be stuck in the undercards. Or maybe if he hadn’t just washed out of the IFL. Just a thought.

  • anderson says:

    misogyny is not hereditary. gomer wasn’t anwhere close to being like this. misoneistic, maybe. closet homsexual? without question. but when sometimes engaging in heterosexual sex, he never minded being on the bottom.

  • I wouldn’t call pyle a misogynist … but I would call him an idiot. His statements come more from being stupid than being angry.

  • steve24 says:

    I’d be pissed too if some chick was fighting on the televised card and I was on the undercard.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    girls mma IS A FUCKING JOKE.

    its the equivelant to watching 13 yr olds fight, or two asians.



  • Ted Dibiase says:


  • Adam says:

    Where I train, there are two instructors – one male and one female, Sarah Kaufman, who recently won the HCF women’s bantamweight title. I’ve seen her train and I’ve seen her fight, and she runs circles around most of the guys I know. She’s a great fighter, and frankly, I’d pay more money to see her fight, then half the l’n’p ex-college wrestlers out there. Yes, Mike Pyle is an idiot.

  • steve24 says:

    Girls MMA just needs a stacked division full of Carano’s and I think it could have the potential to take off. No, I wouldn’t pay to see a all womans MMA card, but if they want to throw in a fight I’ll watch it.

  • steve24 says:

    You have to look at it from Pyle’s point of view. If you read the full article and look at his resume and the opponents he’s faced, you can’t really blame him for being upset that he’s on the undercard while one bout that is being televised is a women’s fight where the divsion is actually only one person and everybody else nobody has heard of.

  • Pyle washed out of the IFL. He WASHED OUT OF THE IFL. The fact that he was still getting booked and paid by a top tier promotion boggles my mind.

  • Accomando says:


    But, he trains at extreme couture now. Going there is the equivalent of being baptised in the river jordan, essentially all your past sins, or in Pyle’s case, past pathetic losses, are washed away.

    Randy is the Jesus of our time.

  • If you can’t see the value of good womens mma, you’re not a true fight fan. Their are womens fights out there that are some of the best fights ever in the sport, of either gender.

  • maybe Mike Pyle caught a case of “I’m not Respected”-itis from Couture.

  • ^ sounds like some koolaid contamination at Xtreme Couture.

    I wonder what Gina Carrano thinks having to share a gym with Pyle everyday after this.

  • Couture’s wife is training MMA too.

  • Accomando says:

    Couture’s “I’m not respected”-itis has got to be at epidemic levels at this point. Expecially if Mike Pyle has come down with it; shit’s worse than the wicked staph that’s going around.

  • lol ya, MFS has staph, XC has not respected-itis. oh the epidemics that effect professional athletes!

  • Xavier says:

    No idea if Women’s MMA is a joke (I’m in the Dana White camp, I have no interest in it, just as I have no interest in the WNBA either), but it’s true that Gina Carano is a joke. Can’t even make weight and all her fights are stacked in her favor. That whole situation IS a joke.

    I hope Women’s MMA succeeds on some level because hey, if a female wants to fight MMA and make money, good for her. Just not something I think most MMA fans are interested in.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    I’m not extremently intrested in women’s MMA, but I don’t think its a joke. I rather see Gina than Mike Pyle, whoever he is. I also find it funny that he claims to be a man, yet is complaining like a little bitch. Man up and K.O./submit some fuckers to give me a reason to give a shit about you, ya bitch.

  • Asa says:

    How about she’s ahead of him on the card because she’s the most marketable fighter in the company. Period. I love me some Kimbo, but even he doesn’t appeal to as broad a demo as that broad.

    No one will ever give a fuck about Mike Pyle. Anywhere. Ever. He would require a superhuman overhaul in skill and effort to ever be vaguely interesting. And that would only be to fight fans. Who still wouldn’t care. Is Pyle really even in EliteXC’s top 20?