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Mike Pierce called upon to fight Jon Fitch

You have a better explanation, I'm all ears.

‘Do you have a better explanation?’

UFC Fight Night 19 was not a good night for me – not only did I space making picks for our Fightlinker team on MMAPlayground (THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS, BY THE WAY), but if I had, I would’ve blown the shit out of my parlay by including Brock Larson.  Impressive in the WEC, only two losses and facing a UFC newcomer?  Easy call, right?  If you’re with me up until now, this is the part where Mike Pierce (10-1) shits all over your parade and impressively beats Larson en route to a lopsided decision.  Pierce was ‘rewarded’ with a fight against Koscheck, tentatively scheduled for the next UFN, but the injury curse that has now fucked up two of Jon Fitch’s upcoming matches has smiled on the welterweight prospect:

The third time will hopefully be the charm for Jon Fitch (19-3) now that up-and-coming welterweight Mike Pierce (10-1) has agreed to step up and face him at UFC 107 from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tenn., on Dec. 12.

Pierce was originally slated to meet Josh Koscheck at UFC Fight Night 20 until “Kos” was promoted to the UFC 106 co-main event opposite Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

Like Pierce, Fitch was left without an opponent when Ricardo Almeida injured his knee and withdrew from their UFC 106 bout on Nov. 21. Zuffa worked a little magic and booked him in a rematch of former number one welterweight contenders opposite Thiago Alves on Dec. 12; however, “Pitbull” also went down with a knee injury and was forced to bow out.

I’m picking Fitch by murder here – dude’s only UFC loss is to Georges St Pierre, and the fact that he was able to breathe on his own after that fight is more than enough for me – but that’s making the rather massive assumption that Pierce will actually make it to the cage intact. If I’m Dana (for the record, I’m not), I’m assigning Mike a 24 hour bodyguard, nutritionist, food taster and driver – lest he join Almeida and Alves as casualties of whatever deity has decided to smite Jon Fitch’s potential opponents.  I would also probably go to Mass, call 1-800-OOPS-JEW, sacrifice some livestock… whatever gets that black cloud away from my four injured/sick/manipulated by Ed Soares champions.