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Mike Brown worries about financial security

Some interesting stuff coming out of all the media interviews for this Sunday’s Urijah Faber vs Mike Brown rematch. First Urijah Faber starts talkin’ unions and now Mike Brown is sounding down about the green. The great thing about it is he doesn’t do it like a fucking moron grunting about cheddar and bread and being a smart businessman. He just tells you the reality of the situation for fighters like him:

Are you content with being the WEC champion?  Does it feel like a big enough stage, a big enough accomplishment for you?

I’m content because it’s the best show in the world for 145 pounds.  Of course I wish the money was better.  I know the heavier weights are getting a lot more money than I am and that makes me sad sometimes, especially when I think that I could be two losses or so away from making nothing again and then I could be someone who had reached the number one spot in my weight class but never achieved any kind of financial security.  I’d still be broke, no matter if I’d been the top guy or not.  That’s upsetting sometimes.

I’m pretty sure Brown has had a lot of time to sit around and wonder what happens if Urijah Faber beats him this weekend. There might be some meathead fighters who seriously never even contemplate the possibility of a loss, but when you’re still worried about how you’re going to be making money for your family in 5 years, you don’t have the luxury of assuming you’ll still be on top by then.

(link via Bloody Elbow)