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Mike Brown likes to school da newbs

For a guy who records 4 to 5 pod radio thingies a week, I am NOT a fan of the format in general. I find most of the MMA shows out there to be terrible, and while I don’t doubt there are some good new ones (feel free to share in the comments), the only shows thus far I have been able to get through without drugs are MMA Nation and Fight Opinion Radio (RIP?). Mr MMA Radio himself Steve Cofield would probably get some love but strangely enough I’ve never been able to find his actual shows for download.

Anyways, MMA Nation had WEC featherweight champ Mike Brown on and Luke Thomas was kind enough to write out some of the more interesting things they discussed. This jumped out at me:

Brown previously indicated his jiu-jitsu was not up to par when he fought Genki Sudo at UFC 47. When asked what steps Brown took since making the leap to ATT to shore up defensive liabilities in BJJ and to improve his offensive arsenal, Brown remarked that he does not train in the gi, but has been a diligent student of the game. Brown indiicated he would attend both the professional and general student classes to be challeneged by high-level jiu-jitsu players as well as to be able to try out newer techniques and refine abilities against more average jiu-jitsu players, respectively. But overall, Brown says a team like ATT is going to find the holes in one’s game and that over time, those holes begin to close. Before you know it, Brown says, you don’t have the same problems you used to.

Training with newbs might seem strange but I love the idea. So many fighters nowadays never try any subs in the cage because they’re used to having all their jiu jitsu stuffed by better ground guys in training. But jiu-jitsu would work more if guys had more confidence in it working. For that, a few hours a week twisting white and blue belts into pretzels gives you a new appreciation for how effective the style can be. Considering most black belts drop a few colors every time you punch them in the face, it’s more than worthwhile.