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Miguel Torres’ mom throws in the towel

Those who have seen WEC bantamweight champ Miguel Torres’ horrific mullet and pube mustache probably wonder how he walks around looking like a midget Eddie Guerrero without dying of embarrassment. It turns out that Torres is no stranger to shame, and he got an epic serving of it during his first fight:

Too poor to afford Tapout shorts, Torres was a hard sell to the local crowd — including his mother. He bought Under Armour shorts at K-Mart that were too long for him, then downsized the mid-thigh shorts with scissors. When he entered the ring, they rode up on him “like little boy underwear.” He didn’t know it at the time, but the spotlights made them transparent, revealing his jockstrap. At 5-foot-9 and weighing less than most high school kids, he was hardly the paragon of intimidation.

When Torres’ opponent — who stood 6-foot-2 and had nearly a 50-pound weight advantage at 175 pounds — entered the fighting arena, mother Torres began yelling, “Stop the fight! Stop the fight!”

She had to be taken upstairs by friends who literally held her down. Miguel was going to get hurt, she thought. Instead, he broke his opponent’s jaw.