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Miguel T000,000rres

Those of you feeling like Miguel Torres is upderpaid because he only made 22k/22k against Manny Tapia, take heart: Kevin Iole says our favorite mullet-wearing fighter (sorry, McCully, you’re last place at that too) is pulling in freak finger (six digits) money:

Torres is an exceptional fighter and one of the elite in the world. He’s ranked sixth in the Yahoo! Sports poll. Pay, though, is a tricky thing, because Zuffa – the company that owns the UFC and the WEC – prefers to keep things secret. I know for a fact that Torres makes six figures a fight, because one of his representatives has told me so.

Whether Iole is talking about under the table money directly from the WEC or if he’s including endorsements is anyone’s guess. Still, money is money. Fightlinker making $36 and the blood bank paying me $68 still means I’ve got a phat $104 in my velcro wallet. That’s enough to keep me rolling in fish sticks and beans for quite a while!