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Miesha Tate lays into GSP for his ignorant ass comments about female fighters

Miesha Tate is a modern day Betty Friedan. Wherever women are being oppressed by the man, Miesha is there to set the record straight, and if need be, whoop some hairy male ass. In her latest crusade to further the development of women’s MMA, Tate has set her sights on none other than UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St.-Pierre for his comments that he has a hard time watching girls fight.

“It’s good for the sport, it’s good for the girls that fight, but, me personally, I have a hard time watching the girls fight. It’s my heart, you know, it’s the way I grew up maybe, it’s my mentality, I’m different, I’m old school, but I have a hard time watching girls fighting, it’s hard for me.”

Tate took to her Cupcake blog – which doesn’t at all fit into the cute little stereotypical box she so despises – to respond:

“I think the problem with GSP’s view about WMMA is that he doesn’t have one. If he hasn’t ever watched us women fight then he can’t say how he really feels about it because he’s ignorant. Being old fashioned is fine, but us ‘modern day’ girls aren’t asking for your protection, we are asking for your acceptance and we are fighting for equality.”

I don’t think GSP was saying he’s never watched a women’s fight. I’m quite certain he has. Miesha’s problem is that most girls aren’t like her. Most girls, even the ones who claim they want equality, only want the good parts about it. Ever listen to comedian Bill Burr’s take on this whole thing? Check it out, it’s fucking awesome.

Personally, I think the whole boat went down when we granted those irrational bundles of emotion the vote. Give a person an inch…