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Midsy guages Oscar’s MMA ambitions

Fighters lie, managers lie, and promoters lie. So I always appreciate it when someone from the media sticks their neck out and gives an opinion on a situation based on what they’ve read between the lines. Here’s Midsy doing just that regarding Oscar De La Hoya’s interest in MMA:

You can read exactly what he did say here, but what he didn’t say was anything at all about MMA, even though I made a point of mentioning MMA in my question. And that reinforces my overall opinion that Golden Boy is just not that into MMA.

Don’t get me wrong, neither De La Hoya nor Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer is part of the anti-MMA crowd that pervades boxing. I’ve talked to both De La Hoya and Schaefer about MMA in the past, and I think they both like the sport, respect its fans, recognize its potential for growth and, perhaps most importantly, realize that they can’t just waltz into the MMA world and overtake the UFC.

But De La Hoya’s first love is boxing, his second love is soccer, and MMA is more of an afterthought. Golden Boy admires great MMA athletes like Fedor Emelianenko and Andrei Arlovski (Schaefer raved about Arlovski in a conversation we had last year), but it isn’t going to make MMA a major part of its promotional efforts any time soon.

It’s probably a smart move for De La Hoya to pass on the MMA bandwagon at the moment. As we learned with Calvin Ayre’s foray into mixed martial arts, just because you’ve got a fuckload of cash doesn’t mean you can just jump in and make shit magically happen. Well, you can but things usually ends up failing in spectacular fashion, just like BodogFight did.

The sad thing is there was the possibility that Golden Boy was willing to finance a serious MMA organization. But unfortunately they got tied up with Affliction, who gave them a glimpse of just how out of control everything can get if you try to make a business fly on passion and positive thinking alone. The red ink flowed from Affliction like blood out of the elevators in The Shining. I have to wonder if anyone in their right mind would try to get involved in the sport after seeing all that up close and personal.