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Middleweight options

A superfight between Anderson Silva and GSP might be brewing, but it’s a slooooow brew. Via Fighters Only, Here’s Dana White’s thoughts on that fight and more info on what’s next for Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping:

“It’ll either be Bisping or Henderson probably. I’d like to see GSP defend his title a couple of times at 170 if he wins [against Alves] and who knows? Maybe next year.”

Rumours have been circulating for some time that the winner of Bisping-Henderson would get a shot at the middleweight title.

But a source recently told Fighters Only that the UFC might require Bisping to win one more fight after Henderson before getting a title shot.

Either way, if Bisping does get the next shot at Silva the fight is likely to take place in England and may even be set up for the November 14th event that is taking place in Bisping’s home city of Manchester.

Sources also indicate that if Bisping is unsuccessful against Henderson he may get a headline November fight against a different Silva – former light-heavyweight Wanderlei Silva.

There’s a lot of maybes and proba-babies flying around, but can you blame the UFC? Bisping hasn’t really been in the deep side of the pool yet – his fight with Rashad Evans was back when Rashad was still meh. So now that they’re tossing him in with Hendo it’s kinda important to see how he does before leaving the pool and deep sea diving with a shark like Anderson. That seemed like a rather long and lame ocean related analogy, but I’m sticking with it.

I’d love to see Wanderlei Silva versus Michael Bisping though. If Bisping fulfills the UFC’s dreams and gets past Dan Henderson, that’d be a great eliminator fight for #1 contender. And from there the UFC is a winner either way things roll – either Bisping gets his shot or Wanderlei gets to fight Anderson Silva … both very bank fights.