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Michael Jackson loves cagefighting

Y’all might be surprised to know that Michael Jackson is a fan of the UFC, but as a guy who knows all the lyrics to ‘Beat It’ by heart, I’d say it makes a fair amount of sense. Well, as much sense as anything makes when you’re talking about Michael Jackson. The above picture is indeed ‘Wacko Jacko’ at the UFC, provided by TMZ under the nauseating headline “Jacko Enjoys Smacko Through Cracko” – which is even worse than my last Wanderlei Silva post.

Michael Jackson is already thrusting his face back into the Las Vegas spotlight … two inches of forehead at a time.

Jacko hit the Ultimate Fighting Championship match at the MGM Grand Saturday night, clad in his finest burka-ish ensemble. That’s not a typo — Michael Jackson enjoys cage fighting!

Jackson is just the latest unlikely person to enjoy mixed martial arts … they showed off Hillary Duff again (ZOMG did you know that GSP was also in Vegas this weekend???), and didn’t they show that weasel Cris Angel in the past too? Fuck, I know there’s a ton of other odd celebs that love MMA. Little help, people?