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Michael, Dan, and Anderson

Dana White has been running all over the Republic of Ireland saying that X and Y fighters are ‘in the mix’ for title shots, so it’s not surprising that he said the same thing about Michael Bisping if he beats Dan Henderson:

He said that if Bisping overcomes his rival coach at the end of The Ultimate Fighter 9 then “he’s right up in the mix, he will be ready.”

But he also said that a move up to light-heavyweight might be on the cards for current middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“With the exception of Bisping, he has cleaned out the division,” says White. “The logical step is for him to move up to light-heavyweight.

“One thing I like from boxing is that fighters often move up when they clean out their weight class – although apart from that I generally use boxing as an example of what not to do [with the UFC].”

Let me be the first to say it’s about fucking time. Anderson Silva staying at middleweight now is like Michael Jordan playing in the WNBA. With Denis Kang off the tracks and fighters like Thales Leites being dredged from the bottom of the barrel for a title shot, is there ANYONE who thinks Anderson should stick around at 185?

Still, I don’t see Silva giving up his belt to move up to 205. Perhaps the UFC should just declare a moratorium on middleweight title shots until Dan Henderson inevitably whups Michael Bisping’s ass and earns a second tilt with the Spider. That way we get Anderson at 205 for the majority of 2009 followed by a non-retarded middleweight defense. Who’s with me???