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Michael Bisping apologizes poorly

Michael Bisping took some time out of his busy schedule of being a flaming cock to ‘apologize’ for what he did at UFC 128.

“I was out of order. As a father, as a mixed martial artist, or possibly even as a role model, it’s not a way I should be behaving.  It’s not how a mixed martial artist should be acting; not how any man should be acting. Of course, I do regret it, and I owe Dana [White, UFC CEO], and the UFC an apology…and I won’t be acting like that again.”

Since this is Michael Bisping though, he can’t leave well enough alone. Here comes the hair-splitting:

I want to make it clear – I never spat on his cornerman.  I spat on the floor to let him know what I thought of him…

And don’t forget though that Rivera and his team WENT TOO FAR!

What this guy was doing was that he was insinuating my partner had a sexually transmitted diseases, talking crap about my country, crap about my family, insinuating I was not even English, chanting a song that I was a d— d— d—,  it just went over the top really and  I shouldn’t have let it get to me. But it did.

Of course, he still wants an apology out of Jorge:

I’m ashamed of myself and I have apologised, he [Rivera] should be man enough to do the same.

Yeah, the dude you illegally kneed in the head owes you an apology! For a bunch of laughably silly videos which were obviously harmless. You have to be on the emotional level of an autistic 12 year old to get pissed by those. But after cheating to win a fight and then spitting at the losing fighter’s corner, Michael Bisping is still waiting for the apology that he deserves. What a twat.

  • glassjawsh says:

    even the 12 year old re re isn’t getting pissed over what rivera did

  • Carcass says:

    Personally, I think he has a point.

    Can you imagine what reaction all those good ol’ boys would have had if Mike had produced an equally xenophobic and offensive video about the USA?

  • Omomatta says:

    You do make a point Carcass…..that wouldn’t have went over well. It would have cause some major issues without a doubt.

    “I want to make it clear – I never spat on his cornerman. I spat on the floor to let him know what I thought of him…” “Yeah….that’s it….I spat at the thought of him….. I spat at injustice…. I spat, I spat for the honor of the Wolfslair.”

  • fightfan says:

    If you act like an arrogant, cocky, POS…be expected to be treated like an asshole when you act like yoru shit dont stink. This guy is past delusional. It is comical how he thinks the entire world is against him. Again, it comes back to him being a giant douchebag. If he were honorable & act like other tough fighters & you kmow 99% of the UFC and its champions then he wouldnt be as hated. He will never get it. The more he acts like this , the more people are gonna talk about how much of an asshole he is. Brock doesnt talk & make excuses 24/7…..Though many think he is an asshole, he dont waste time talking about it because it either, wont bother him or he wont read what is said about him. If Brock acted like Bisping, then Brock might even be more hated & depised as him

    Also, this was a poor attempt at doing what the UFC TOLD him to. That was the most INSINCERE apology I ever read. He still denies illegal knee. He says he didnt mean to spit on Rivera coaches, etc, etc. HE even says since he is a man & apologized that RIvera needs to also. He basically blames Rivera for him having to apologize.

    This guy does it to himself. When you act like a giant douchebag you will be treated accordingly.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much. Bisping has got the attention of nearly every top 5 middleweight – and not in a good way. Vitor, Chael or Marquardt would all give Bisping a good whoopin’ and it sounds like they’re lining up to do so.

    I’m personally in favour of Sonnen dishing out the beating as the trash talk would be legendary and it woule be the ONLY fight Sonnen could ever have where I would actually be rooting for him.

  • Omomatta says:

    Michael “The Count of Monte Spitso” Bisping

  • Danjo says:

    Jorge needs to apologize because his videos were shit and were not funny.

    Other than that, nothing else to apologize for. UNLESS he would like to apologize for getting beat by a raging british twatcake.

  • Letibleu says:

    … I spat at the shirt that made my right shoulder itchy…. I spat at the fact that Fightlinker thinks I spat @ UFC 128 instead of UFC 127…. I spat at my child crying….. I spat at eras and that I will never be one…. I spat at Gadhafi…. Im out of saliva. Bloody hell.


  • fightfan says:

    The guy will never stop complaing. He is too dumb, or is it too stubborn & arrogant to just be quiet and act like most of the mma fighters. He brings most of the hatred on himself. HE might even gain a few fans if he quit complaining & stopped acting like he is above everyone else, etc, etc. All I know is it is gonna be fun watching whoever beats the snot out of him next fight. It will be so Henderson like, just waiting & waiting for that KOTN punch to land

  • Letibleu says:

    I cant remember the last time almost every MMA fan I talk to was collectively rooting for one particular fighter to get KTFO without it bringing any relevance to the contendership. It will being him ratings until it does happen and then the majority of MMA fans outside the UK will stop tuning in.

  • frickshun says:


    Ryan–>you’re funny when you’re angry. Now you know what I’m into (besides Shawn’s mom’s vaj).

  • agentsmith says:

    I love how Hendo takes a second between bombs to kiss his fist.

  • Letibleu says:

    is ANYONE going to fix the post?:

    ‘apologize’ for what he did at UFC 128 127′.

  • FiveBoltMain says:

    oh shit as, i hadn’t noticed that.

  • chim55 says:

    never noticed that before either, has that GIF been doctered?

  • matthewpolly says:

    agentsmith, great catch. That’s the first time I’ve seen someone catch that glove kiss. Lovely.

    Leti, great gifs,

    Omomatta, “Spitso”–that was clever.

    Carcass, Obviously it would have crushed us Americans to have a Brit make fun of our country of origin: Britain. The sharp edge of their spoof of Bisbing was that his entire northern, hardman persona was bullshit. Kid was born in Cyprus

  • Carcass says:

    He was born in Cyprus because his father was based there and soon moved back to the UK.

    The Duke of Wellington once remarked “if a man is born in a stable, does it make him a horse?” in response to allegations of Irishness.

  • CAP says:

    I thought it was debunked that Hendo did not in fact kiss his hand before dropping the hammer again. Which was disappointing.

    Time to take the kid gloves off of the count and let him fend for himself with the real contenders.


  • Letibleu says:

    The second in what I am assuming will be a valued collection that will be released in its entirety when he fights next.


  • matthewpolly says:

    Dang, Carcass, busted out that old Duke of Wellington saw. Well played. I don’t have any skin in the fight. I just thought it was interesting that Rivera’s team had managed to get so deeply under the Count’s skin. Illegal knee or not, Rivera had no chance to win. All he could do is make Bisbing look bad. And that he and his team accomplished. Otherwise, Bisping wouldn’t still be apologizing/asking-for-an-apology.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    I dont think bisping has ever said anything cleaver, that why he didnt come up with his own dumb videos. if bisping really got offended by those stupid videos he is either a huge pussy or has some mental issues. these videos were childish and probably in bad taste but to knee a guy illegally and then spit at his corner was beyond the pale. Ive been made fun of far harsher than this british fag but never felt the knee to spit at someone.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    since we all know Bisping is giant flamer its no wonder he is such a good spitter

  • Letibleu says:

    I guess he doesn’t swallow.